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Travel with Me! : First Trip To New York City | Danielle De Angelis Photography

“Welcome to New York, It’s been waiting for you” – Taylor Swift.

I have loved New York City for as long as I can remember. Even though I had only seen the beautiful city through media and not real life, I developed a true love for it. My family knew how much I loved and surprised me with a long weekend trip for my college graduation.
I live in the boring old suburbs about 30 minutes for Downtown Toronto. I love the city way more than the suburbs. Everything downtown is so close together. You can either walk or take a quick subway ride to your destination. New York City is very similar to Toronto but much more. 
Getting To The City.
To get to New York we took a bus tour. It was a 4-day tour that started on Friday and went till Monday. The company we toured with is Comfort Tour. You can check out their website here and browse their tours. 
Friday morning we were picked up at Square One and boarded the bus. The bus was very comfortable and had wifi and air conditioning. It only took about an hour to get to the border and then we were off into the states. We arrived at our hotel in New Jersey a long 4 breaks and 13 hours later. We stayed at the Westin Governor Morris in New Jersey. Gorgeous hotel and amazing rooms. You can check out their website here
First Day In The City.
Bright and early Saturday morning we got up ate our complimentary hotel breakfast and we headed for New York City at 8:00 am. We look the Lincoln Tunnel into the city. As soon as I saw the end of the tunnel I got too excited I was finally going to see the city of my dreams. Right away we saw the Empire State Building. One of my favourite buildings. We made a bunch of different stop around the city such as the world trade center, 9/11 memorial, empire state building, and grand central station. We saw all this from 8 am till about 3 pm. From 3 pm to 8 pm we had free time until the bus picked us up in front of Bryant Park to go back to the hotel. For this time we walked around the streets, got food, and took photos. 
Last Day In The City.

Our very first stop was Battery Park. We were only there for a few minutes until we got our tickets for the Statue Cruise. Tickets were 20$ and it took us to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. IT was so cool to see Lady Liberty in person. We had an amazing view of the statue and the city from the boat. After about an hour on the island of taking photos and walking around we caught the next boat to Ellis Island. It was pretty awesome to see Ellis Island because my grandfather came to America from Italy he arrived at Ellis Island and his name is on one of the walls. Nest since we got dropped off at the Brooklyn Bridge. I took so many photos of that bridge. It was crazy busy because it was a holiday weekend. After we hung out in Brooklyn for a bit, we decided to start our walk back to Bryant park. Not sure why we didn’t just take the subway but I didn’t  complain. The walk was long but we passed a lot of places I could photograph. 

Back To Canada.
The next day was our travelling home day. We packed up all our stuff and headed to breakfast. After breakfast all 50 of us took a group photo outside the bus and we left to Canada. We made a stop in Waterloo, New York at the outlet mall and it was pretty cool. They had a bunch of stores that we dont have here. 
We arrived home around 9pm.
The trip was amazing and one I will remeber forever. I now have over 100 printed photos I am put it a dedicated photoalbum. I hope you enjoyed seeing all the photos from the Trip. If you like any of the photos and want to purchase any you can get them here. On my redbubble account you can get my photos printed on almost anything. My favourites are thee clock, journal and laptop cover.

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