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New iphone from apple | Apple iPhone 8 Plus Review with Photos! | APPLE 2021 | PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHER

The brand new iPhone. The hype, the craze, but is it worth it?

I’ll be discussing the features and WHY
I love this phone.


TORONTO PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHER DANIELLE DEANGELIS PHOTOGRAPHY WWW.DANIELLEDEANGELIS.COMThe phone came in 3 colours. Slate Gray, Silver, and Gold. I chose the Gold since I’ve had a black and silver phone but never gold! It’s unique.


I chose the 64gb and not 256bg because I thought it was a little excessive and even though I am a photographer I store most of my photos of my hard drive or Dropbox.

I new feature to the exterior of the iPhone’s this year is the new glass back. This is a gorgeous design. Extremely modern and aesthetically pleasing. It also is functional allowing wireless charging.

There was no change to the front of the device. It is exactly the same as previous iPhone with the white or black face, and large bezeled edge.

Now let’s talk about the camera. There are two cameras on this phone. A wide-angle camera and a telephoto camera. The camera is 12MP and goes down to a very wide aperture of f1.8.
TORONTO PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHER DANIELLE DEANGELIS PHOTOGRAPHY WWW.DANIELLEDEANGELIS.COMI love portrait mode! the blurry background makes continuing with my photography so easy. I no longer need to lug around my bulky camera. Although I do wish there was a manual mode to the camera. Portrait lighting is in beta and it allows the lighting of the photo to be changed. It isolates the subject and then you can modify the lighting with the preset modes.

Video recording on this phone is incredibly smooth. it does have optical image stabilization but it is exclusive to the 8+.

Touch ID was new to me. Extremely fast and reliable.

The battery on my phone will last an entire day. If I keep my phone in low power mode it lasts about a day and a half with moderate usage! Incredible!

Overall, I am in love with this phone. It’s fast, reliable and the camera is fantastic. I highly recommend this phone to fellow photographers or videographers.

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