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Get to Know Me!

My name is Danielle and I am a product and portrait photographer based out of Mississauga. I graduated from Humber College with a diploma in Photography and have been doing photography for 5+ years. 
I first discovered my passion for photography
in Highschool Media Arts class. After getting to play around with a DSLR in grade 9 media arts, I then decided I would save up to buy my very own camera and lens. I started shooting and shooting a ton! Mostly at home working on both product and portrait photos. 
5+ years later and I am still passionately shooting both product and portrait photos. I have worked with a local jewellery company to shoot their products semi-annually for the last 3 years. 
I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about me. 
If you would like to stay up to date with my work follow my social media! 
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If you have any questions, comments, or you would like to work together please email me at deangelis.danielle97@hotmail.ca

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