product photography for your business

Images Are Important

Having great looking and high quality images of your products is very much essential to captures your ideal customers attention and for them to want to buy your products. The image is usually the first thing your customer see’s. Whether is a photo of the product itself, or the packaging, a good image will get your product in-front of your customer before they purchase. Stay tuned till the end to see some of my product photography i have just shot for Mariposa Cosmetics Inc.

Free Advertising

Next I’d like to talk about the advantage of posting these images. It’s pretty much free advertising. Having product photography on your website and social media channels act like little mini advertisements. When you post them with targeted hashtags, captions, they have your branding and logo, you are advertising your business to your ideal consumers. A lot of the time your product photography will utilize the content they create using your products for their Instagram, Website and Pinterest account, and that will be shared to their audience bringing in more traffic to your website.

Attract More Customers

Have you even discovered a new brand and their product photography is not the greatest? Did that make you want to immediately purchase their products? Probably not. Having attractive, clean and high quality product photography really makes a big difference in gaining new customer’s to you brand.

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Check out the skincare product photography I photographed for Mariposa Cosmetics Inc. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay updated on what I am working on as well as behind the scenes content from photoshoots! Check out more of my work Here!

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