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Skincare Product Photography 

Now more than ever, having high-quality photos of your products for your website and social media is very important. Stores are closed due to the pandemic. The only way for your products to be discovered is through social media. Skincare Product Photography is one of my favourite photography niches. You can be very creative and experiment with textures, props, and backgrounds. 


Styling Your Products

When working together, we will discuss how you would like your photos to look. What type of background you prefer. Whether it be a white background or a colour, which props you want in the photos, and more. 

We will also cover what type of shots are required such as, a full product shot, groups of products, and the texture of the products. Texture shots have been super popular now and can give your customer a way to feel your products through the screen. 


Timeline and Post Production

From the time your products arrive in my studio, you can expect about 2 weeks until your final images are delivered to you electronically. In this 2 week period, I will create a shot list for every shot that we discuss, photograph the products, edit the photos, and send them to you via google drive. 


Book Your Session

Interested and want to inquire about product photography? Please contacts me here!

I love reading emails and messages so I will reach out to you shortly have you contact me. 

Alternatively, you can reach me through my Instagram where you can also see behind-the-scenes contact from previous shoots as well as learn a little more about me and my processes. 

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I encourage you to view my blog and read more about me and my photography.

I look forward to hearing from you.




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