Hello everyone! Here I have Product Photography Skincare from a few gifted products sent to me by Grown Alchemist. I received these products as a gift to photograph!

skincare product photoshoot
grown alchemist hydra-repair day cream

When these products showed up at my door, I was so excited to shoot with them! I had heard a ton of good things about their products and couldn’t wait to try them out.

The Set Up: Product Photography

The setup I choose was super simple for this skincare product photography shoot! A white background. That is pretty much it. I wanted the focus to be the product and not the scene.

The Lighting: Godox Product Photography Light

I recently bought a godox sl-60w light and have been obsessed with it! It is so versatile once you add a softbox! I mainly use it bare bulb to create these nice shadows.

The Stop Motion

Video content is growing at a rapid pace. It is important to keep up with trends such as video to stay ahead of your competitors.

stop motion video for grown alchemist hydra-repair day cream.

I had so much fun creating this content to share with you.

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