A Rainy Day In Hamilton | danielle deangelis photography

 A few days ago, my sisters, cousin and I took a trip out to Hamilton and visit a spot called Tiffany Falls.  I, of course, decided to bring my camera along and take some photos. The falls was not as big as we were expecting. I thought it would be in a conservation area and it would be more like […]

Danielle De Angelis Photography | Varadero Cuba 2019

Varadero, Cuba In mid-February of this year, I and about 28 other family members embarked on the biggest trip we have taken together. We were going to celebrate my dad’s birthday and we also happened to celebrate Valentines Day together. We stayed at Memories Beach Resort In Varadero all inclusive for 1 week.  February 9th 3:00 am:  My parents and […]

Travel with Me! : First Trip To New York City | Danielle De Angelis Photography

“Welcome to New York, It’s been waiting for you” – Taylor Swift. I have loved New York City for as long as I can remember. Even though I had only seen the beautiful city through media and not real life, I developed a true love for it. My family knew how much I loved and surprised me with a long weekend trip for […]

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