COVID19 creative photography ideas from home

Photography idea you can do at home. Splash Photography!

As we are into our 2nd wave of COVID-19 here in Canada, a lot of places are closing down and people are off work or working from home.

For this shoot, I wanted to capture a splash of a strawberry. It seemed a lot easier in my head that when I actually put it to the test.
I shot the splash images but they turned out terrible. Instead for just giving up and quitting this shoot, I decided to change my setup and I’m quite happy with how the photos ended up.

The Setup:

My set up was fairly simple.

My trusty Nikon D610 set up on my tripod.
Using a worn baking pan as my backdrop for my strawberry because the colour and texture looked amazing with the bright colours of the strawberry.

I used my on camera flash a a trigger for my SB-910 that was positioned behind to the left of the strawberry.
Next, I proceeded to pour water over the strawberry and just play around with different styling and angles!
Here are the final results from both the failed and the succeeded shoot!

the photos:

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