Apple iPhone 11 in 2021: a review from a photographer -

Earlier this year I made the switch from my Galaxy s10+ to the Apple iPhone 11 and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

I had used Apple iPhones before many years ago. The iPhone 5 with those square edges and then upgraded to the iPhone 8 plus before i wanted to try out Samsung for a change.

While I did very much enjoy using my Samsung S10+ on a daily basis for the two years I had it, the minimalist and easy-to-navigate OS that Apple uses in their devices was a big factor in my decision to switch. Since I purchased the iPhone in 2021, I was able to grab it for $0 from my phone carrier which was an amazing deal. I don’t need the latest and greatest iPhone every year. I love the minimalistic look for the glass back on the 11 paired with the dual-camera system. I opted for the white colour as my iPhone 5 was silver and I absolutely loved how well it looked in every case.

As I am a product photographer, I wanted a phone that I would be able to record behind-the-scenes videos from my photoshoots to be able to share them with Reels and TikTok. The camera on my new iPhone is incredibly smooth and of great quality. I love the ability to choose the resolution and how easy it is to set up a timer and slow motion as well.

If you made the switch back to iPhone i want to hear your thoughts about it! Leave me a comment down below.

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