orange slices in half. product and brand photography
Brand Photography is a massive industry. Every brand regardless of what they sell needs images in order to sell and market their products or services.  Ever since COVID-19 started, companies and brands have  been having to improvise how they create their content. We were and some of us still are at home majority of the time. These personal brands needed to change the way their personal branding campigns  are shot because their audience has drastically changed due to covid. Brand Photography and they way it is being created is changing.
Creating content at home can be a little challenging at first, but once you get your creativity going you can have a lot of fun with it. Personal Branding and Lifestyle photography is very important in creating your brand identity and helping customer visualize themselves with your product.
lotion texture. product and brand photography
I created these lifestyle images from home using minimal equipment. I used a continuous soft box that I had purchased off of amazon. The beautiful marble backdrop is a tile I purchased from The Home Depot for around $2!  To add in some extra light I used pieces of white paper or poster board and folded them into triangles. These act as a reflector and bounce in more light onto my subject.
ring on tile. product and brand photography
Creating good and engaging content isn’t about the gear and equipment you use. A lot of people seem to think they need the most expensive and greatest equipment but it really is you and your creativity with what you already own.
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I hope this little blurb helped you in your creative process!
Happy Creating!
Danielle De Angelis Photography
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