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Makeup Product Photography | Danielle De Angelis

Your website and social media is usually the first place your customers visit. Having High quality makeup product photography of your cosmetics and skincare products are crucial to creating trust and boosting sales with your customers.

cosmetic product photography

Elevate Your Business With High Quality Visuals

Cosmetic Photography

Having high quality images and videos of your products is essentially to growing your business. It gets your products into the eye’s of your customers from virtually anywhere. Social media is a huge part of marketing these days so it is important to use visuals that best represent you and you’re brand when promoting over social media. Cosmetic Product Photography and having close up shots including texture is key to new sales.

The Set Up

I wanted to focus on the makeup products itself and having them be the main focus so I kept my setup fairly simple. For the background of the cosmetic photography shoot, I used the Pink AliExpress vinyl backdrop and a T shaped background stand. Next, For the lighting, I used my Godox Sl-60w on the right side to create the harsh shadow. To fill in the shadows a little I added a soft-box to the left. I love the soft look

Product Photography

I love working with make up, skincare, and lifestyle brands to create content such as product photography, product videos, and stop motion animations.

If you are interested in working together please fill out my booking form! I cant wait to hear about your project and your business!

Visit my Instagram page to see more work and behind the scenes videos! www.instagram.com/danielledeangelisss

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