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jewelery photography service

still like jewelery product photography services by danielle deangelis. gold rings photographed on a pink background with a white riser

Today I am sharing some new work and I am so excited for you all to see it! I got the opportunity to work with Aphrodite.MB on a collaboration. I love jewellery photography and am happy to offer it as a jewelery photography service.


Aphrodite.MB is a Canadian brand specializing in creating chic + timeless pieces without the burden of breaking the bank. I absolutely love that.

Quality Craftsmanship

“At A P H R O D I T E, we aim to provide high-quality products with an even higher-quality customer experience.

We deliver superb jewelry and accessories while still keeping things affordable. Since jewelry is a way to reflect your personality, we believe everyone should have access to that.”

The Set Up: Jewelery Photography Service

My setup for these shots was fairly simple. I used the pink background roll I bought from Aliexpress paired with my tabletop background stand also purchased from Aliexpress. The lighting I used was y Godox SL-60W to the right as high as it can go with no modifier on it. This paired with the downward angle recreates the sun! To fill in the shadows I added my MountDog Softbox to the left. The riser was also purchased from Aliexpress and the plant I used to add some depth with shadows is from Dollarama!

I kept the aperture as wide open as I could to get as much in focus. I am going to try out focus stacking on my next go at jewelry photography service.

watch my video on this photoshoot!

Working Together

I love working with small businesses and getting their products looking their best in order to scales their businesses, and reach their dreams.

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