Stuck on what to post to reels for your business?

Here are 5 Instagram reel ideas that virtually any business can use!

✨1. Introduce yourself! This is a great way for new viewers to see what your business sells. Don’t forget to use a trending sound!

✨2. Video overview of your products. Show us what you sell or what your business provides.

✨3. Day in the life. I dont know about you but I love seeing these kinds of videos and seeing how people’s day unfolds.

✨4. Share your workspace. Working from home? Have your own warehouse? Coworking? Share your favourite parts or items that you use in your workspace.

✨5. Show your process. Maybe you make candles? Show the entire process. Use short clips and a trending sound to keep people interested!

These are 5 instagram reel ideas for any business! dont forgot to add your trending sounds and share to the reels page!

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